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Hi. I'm Joseph Rhea and I'm the author of the high-tech scifi thriller, Cyberdrome, as well as the new dystopian underwater series, Novum. All of my books are available worldwide in paperback, as well as digitally for every major eReader (see links below). You are currently viewing the full version of my website. You can also view a simpler one-page version of this site by clicking here or click here to go to the mobile-friendly page.

What's New

October 2, 2014

Last week I made a command decision to drop the price of each book in my Novum series to 99 cents. Since the series will have 5 books when finished, buying them one by one will now cost readers no more than the final "combined" book, which I plan to sell for $4.99 (just like my first novel, Cyberdrome.)

Now I just hope that I won't drive away readers who skip $0.99 books because they think "you get what you pay for." It is kind of funny that I usually get more sales at higher prices, but that's the market right now. So, this decision will probably hurt sales a bit, but it's more important to me to treat my readers fairly. I've been writing for quite a while now, and I plan to write for many more years to come, and I appreciate the fans (and friends) I've made along the way. Call me old fashioned - but just don't call me old! ;)

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What's Next

I have a few more books to finish in my Novum series, and then I plan to start the long-awaited Cyberdrome sequel. Along the way, I also hope to complete a few of the many short stories I have outlined, so be sure follow me on one of the links on my contact page (click here) to receive updates and release dates, or just stop by to chat.

Books currently available

When Earth is threatened by a deadly plague, a young software hacker enters a computer-generated world to unravel a mystery that could be the key to Earth's survival.

As the last descendants of Earth struggle to survive in an aging undersea colony, an ancient power is awakened that could destroy what's left of the human race.

Beneath the surface of a distant water planet in the last human colony of Civica, the captain and crew of the Rogue Wave discover a dark secret that could ignite civil war.

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